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Today’s brewery is the third revival of Walkerville Brewery. It has a long history of success and involvement in the Walkerville community. The brewery was originally founded by Hiram Walker in 1890, and, although it has had some setbacks, it is thriving in today’s era of craft beer connoisseurs. The company is very involved in enriching the culture of its community and getting people excited and educated about the rich history of Walkerville.

The Challenge

Walkerville Brewery, a leader in the region’s craft beer industry, relies on DMG to deliver creative campaign solutions and designs for various promotional events. Ensuring the promotional items reflect the marketing strategies, DMG has conceptualized and designed limited edition bottle labels, table tent promotional collateral and posters for both vendors and the community. We have also been involved in the new branding initiative for Walkerville’s Lager, Ale and IPA. The idea behind the campaign was to pull from the rich history of Walkerville and get people interested in the stories this town has to tell.

Logo Creativity International Award

The Results:


Creative Craft
Beer Names

Walkerville Brewery Wall Banners
Walkerville Brewery Tent Cards
Walkerville Brewery Tap Labels
Walkerville Brewery Can Design
Walkerville Brewery Postcard


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